MEANINGFUL USE Core Requirement 15 Attestation


Have you pressed the attestation button but now having second thoughts about the quality of the risk analysis you attested to performing? 

Many providers have already signed up or purchased a telephone based or CD/DVD program risk analysis and aren’t quite sure if they’ve done everything required by law.  A great deal of confusion and uncertainty exists regarding what needs to be done to meet MU-15 requirements.

Health Compliance Partners can help in any situation.  Failure to perform an adequate and compliant risk analysis places the attester at risk of a Federal felony, but due diligence brings benefit!  It’s never too late to call us.  We’ll perform a no charge review and educate you and your team about what MU-15 (as well as HIPAA & ARRA-HITECH) requires.  We’ll explain our approach and methodology.  Have us perform a risk analysis in accordance with standards created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and you will be on the path to attestation with confidence. Retain us long-term under our Compliance Assurance Service and we’ll ensure you’re conforming to HIPAA-HITECH AND MU-15 for years to come.